About #defyhatenow

Mobilising Civic Action Against Hate Speech and Directed Social Media Incitement to Violence in South Sudan.

Supported by the German zivik programme of ifa (Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations) and managed by the Berlin-based r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation, #defyhatenow is an urgent community peace-building initiative aimed at combating online hate speech and mitigating incitement to offline violence in South Sudan.

#defyhatenow was initiated in response to the way social media was being used to fan the conflict that erupted in South Sudan in December 2013, and again in July 2016.

Since the inauguration of the initiative in 2015, #defyhatenow staff has provided extensive trainings, workshops, sports events and music concerts to raise awareness on the impact of hate speech online and offline, thereby bringing together grassroots organizations and youth groups in South Sudan and the diaspora.

#defyhatenow seeks to support those voices acting against the conflict to go ‘viral’ within and outside the country – bringing the South Sudanese diaspora into the online peacebuilding framework, bridging gaps of knowledge and awareness of social media mechanisms between those with access to technology and those without.


Where we work

#defyhatenow team members work in six (6) countries targeting South Sudanese communities in South Sudan as well as in the diaspora, exile and refugee contexts in Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Egypt and Germany.




rog def ohne text#DefyHateNow is an initiative by r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation, Berlin




Funded by ifa – Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (zivik programme) with means of the German Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt).








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