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Social Media Peace Activism

What is a social media #PeaceJam?

A #PeaceJam is an informal community oriented peacebuilding event, process, or activity where people – youth, cultural actors and anyone interested in peace and cultural dialogue – get together to share their ideas, visions and hopes for the future – and to make new friends and connections.

To “jam” for peace is to improvise peacebuilding without extensive preparation or predefined arrangements, but to develop new ideas and ways of doing things spontaneously with the energy coming from the creative interaction of the participants.

Anyone can start a social media #peacejam by organising an event or simply by sharing your own peace messages online. Link your #peacejam to any global peace event to reach a wider audience and have greater impact with your message. Examples: UN World Peace Day, 21st September; World Press Freedom Day, 3rd May; International Women’s Day, 8th March.

 #defyhatenow 2016 Social Media #PeaceJam Toolkit

#defyhatenow 2016 Social Media #PeaceJam Toolkit

Use #peacejam #SouthSudan and #defyhatenow hashtags on your social media posts to help track the broader South Sudanese use of online channels for positive cultural change and gain a better understanding of the social media peace landscape of South Sudan.

  • Harness the power of social media to promote peace; online and offline with #PEACEJAM
  • Bring friends and communities in South Sudan and worldwide together to #DEFYHATENOW
  • #Peacejam on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Instagram, WhatsApp to be a social media peace mobilizer.

#defyhatenow#PeaceJam#SouthSudan #ThinkB4UClick #Peace4ALL

Let South Sudanese occupy the global social media landscape with peacebuilding, taking action against hate, conflict and incitement to violence.

Image: #defyhatenow 2016 #Peacejam Toolkit

Keep spreading peace,

every day of the year!






 #defyhatenow social media #peacejam Rhino Camp, Uganda 21st September 2016 Photo: Jaiksana

#defyhatenow social media #peacejam Rhino Camp, Uganda 21st September 2016 Photo: Jaiksana

#defyhatenow aims:

  • to raise awareness of and develop means for countering social media based hate speech, conflict rhetoric and directed online incitement to violence.
  • to amplify ‘positive influencers’ occupying South Sudan’s social media landscape with voices of peacebuilding and counter-messaging rather than leaving that space open to agents of conflict.
  • bringing the South Sudanese global diaspora into the online peacebuilding framework
  • bridging gaps of knowledge and awareness of social media mechanisms between those with access to technology and those without.