Peace Jam 2018

Peace Jam 2018

special shout-out to the amazing #defyhatenow team! The peace tree in Juba bloomed with the amazing energy of the #PeaceDay, and the concert in Rhino Camp Uganda was incredible.

Below is a brief review of how the day turned out, told through a few words and images from the #PeaceJam posts around the internet

#PeaceJam18 Events Happening Offline/Online

Nairobi Kenya: Right to Peace, World #PeaceDay Event

“An open discussion on the contribution of South Sudanese diaspora community to peace in South Sudan”

The Nairobi team had discussions with a various panellist on the role of the diaspora communities in peace building in South Sudan. One thing that came out clearly was the fact that this diaspora community can do a lot of contribution on social media by watching what they share online, not living on rumours and not sending out messages of incitement.