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Youth for Peace and Development was formed by an organized group of Volunteers who have seen the needs to and champion for the striving vulnerable and marginalized rural communities to strive and thrive in amidst of the extreme poverty.   The organization seeks to support and empower disadvantaged rural and urban communities through agriculture transformation and economic revitalization.

Youth for Peace and Development also works for the promotion of equality accessible rural education and integration of peaceful coexistence among communities

Vision: Youth for Peace and Development needs to see peaceful local and global communities.

Mission statement

To build a peaceful relationship among people of all ages and cultures from personal to global through education, research, and action.

Main Goals

  1. To provide a strong platform, based on research and sound infrastructure for educational, community activities on peace.
  2. To provide practical tools for peaceful living including skills and methods for conflict resolution and violence prevention.
  3. Mobilizing our community to create positive change and win victories that are based on upon the collective, organized power of those most affected by injustice. And also liaise and partner with others working for peace and development.
  4. To sensitize the general public on dangers of hate speech. Through holding an open campaign against hate speech, and also online campaign to mitigate hate speech organize workshops, organize seminars, organize radio talk shows, radio dramas and compose songs against hate speech in the Republic of South Sudan.
  5. To promote and eradicate hunger and improved nutritional value through diversification of rural agriculture and livelihood to vulnerable and marginalized rural communities in an emergency, rehabilitation, economic recovery, and development.
  6. To promote and ensure inclusive, equitable and quality rural education.
  7. To promote healthy lives and well-being for rural and urban communities and ensure availability and sustainable management of rural water, hygiene and sanitation, HIV AID, rural health care infrastructures and rural health development.
  8. To promote a peaceful and inclusive rural societies co-existence for sustainable development through a support to rural access to justice and building effective and accountable rural institutions at all levels.